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  • a bedroom with a bed and desk in a room
  • a room filled with furniture and a large window
  • a view of a kitchen
  • indoor furniture drawer
  • a bridge with a building in the background
  • a large brick building
  • a living room filled with furniture and a wood floor
  • a large brick building
  • a bedroom with a large tub next to a window
  • a room filled with furniture and a large window
  • a large lawn in front of a house

At Elevations we can transform your existing loft space. Imagine your current loft space redesigned as a stunning one bedroom flat, a functioning home office, or perhaps even a luxurious bathroom/dressing room.

With the help of our design team your options are limitless. Perhaps you prefer not to create a whole new living area, but instead desire a galleried area or simply an open space. Imagine your home with a stunning high ceiling having beautiful new roof windows to bathe the rooms below in brilliant natural light.

We can carry works of full structure including floor, stairs, windows, walls and insulation. Carpentry works including skirting, architraves and doors. Electrical and plumbing works as required, as well extending existing central heating system to the loft rooms.

At Elevations Lofts, we know how valuable your home is to you. That is why we will be committed to you and your project from start to finish. We will fully manage your project every step of the way from planning to completion to your total satisfaction. We will not leave you to paint and tile your bathroom unless you say so!

Please contact us for a consultation or to arrange for a quote