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Elevations can transform your garden into an oasis, we can do your decking, paving, fencing and brick walls. We can prepare and lay your turf or any plantation requirements.

Brick walls are a lot of times over looked as a simple DIY job for the garden however these walls are falling down through out the country and there are discussions to place them under building control. The problem with these wall collapses is that they can be dangerous (recently in Belsize Park a toddler was killed). Some of the things which might need considering when building a garden wall:

  • Foundations
  • Movement Joints
  • Height of the free standing wall for stability

For retaining walls also you need to consider:

  • Structural stability
  • Drainage

We can help in designing your brick wall, as there are different patterns in laying the bricks, finishes at the top and pointing of the brick work.

When designing decking there is also a need to consider the foundations and structural joists.

Lighting is often overlooked and can play a key part in designing your new garden and sockets for the outside.

Also try to consider a water collection point and an outside tap.

Water features can add ambiance. They can be discreet or striking with aluminium/mirror or slate slabs it all depends on your taste and requirements.