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  • indoor art design
  • a house with bushes in front of a brick building
  • a large brick building with grass in front of a house
  • a dining room table in front of a building
  • a brick building
  • tree outdoor sky
  • a large brick building
  • a view of a large window
  • a large lawn in front of a house

At Elevations we can build your extension for you. However what is unique is that we can also help you design it. The importance of a careful design is in order to make the extension an integral part of the house. The extension could lead to a room in the back feeling dark and unwelcome. An extension could look good on its own, however if looking at the house as a whole it could be unappealing if it does not blend in. A bad design of an extension can actually make your home less valuable and harder to sell when you want to move.

All the works are supervised in conjunction with building control. We do not compromise on the quality of the materials such as insulation and use graded treated timber.

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