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At ELEVATIONS Design we will help you turn your existing home into the home of your dreams. For you, this transformation can be as simple as redesigning the present space, for example by moving walls or adding some interior decoration, or as elaborate as building additions such as a loft or basement conversion, room extension, raising floors or a combination of these into your current home.

Our aim is to always work closely with you to create a design which fulfils your needs while always taking into consideration the structural elements of your home and your budget.

We have in-house engineers who will observe the design stage and advise as to the quality and the quantity of the structural works. This will enable the team to keep to the budget as well as to advise on all stages of the design. This why we have an excellent record of planning applications being approved first time.

We achieved planning in the past for things which would not normally be approved, this is because of the quality and detail of our designs, examples of such planning as follows:

  • Three level extension then later applied for a conservatory on the top level
  • Basements with front lightwell where we set the precedent on the street
  • Mansards where no other house has a mansard on the street
  • Adding a second level extension to the rear
  • A 6m extension into the garden

The key to success in all of these applications were good design’s which blended into the surrounding area and satisfied the local authorities guidelines.